Alan L. Lin



San Francisco, California                                                                       email:




            To develop software using Microsoft Visual Basic and related technologies. 



            A solid software engineer with experience developing complex applications in Visual Basic, MS Access, and other Windows development environments for industries including corporate real estate and banking.  Experience with several relational databases, SQL, and triggers/stored procedures.  Exposure to web development technology.  Learns quickly and works well and easily in a highly coordinated team environment as well as alone. 



            Hardware:  IBM PC compatibles

            Languages/Development Environments:  Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0/5.0/6.0, SQL,

HTML, C/C++, ASP, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, Scheme/LISP, Crystal Reports

            Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT/9x/3.x, MS-DOS, Unix

            Databases:  Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Access, Ingres



            Digital Generation Systems                             San Francisco, CA       Feb 01—present

            Developer/Programmer (contract)

    Repaired and enhanced an order tracking application written in Visual Basic 6.0 with a Visual C++ “middleware” layer running on Windows and UNIX, connecting to a Sybase database.  The application enables client services personnel to supervise and facilitate approximately 8,000 deliveries of digital media files to the broadcast industry per day.  Altered SQL, C++ code, and InstallShield scripts.  Worked with end users on interface design and produced technical documentation. 


            Newmark & Co. Real Estate                             New York, NY(offsite)   Feb 00—Nov 00

            Developer/Programmer (contract)

    Ported a large Corporate Real Estate information system from Visual Basic 3.0 to Visual Basic 6.0.  Performed code and SQL optimizations, wrote triggers and stored procedures, and modified database structures to accommodate new functionality.  Created an ActiveX/COM DLL containing functions shared by multiple executables.  Employed ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) to connect to Microsoft SQL Server, and object-oriented technologies to create reusable components.  Implemented reports in Seagate Crystal Reports 8 using Seagate’s RDC object model to integrate reports into the main application. 


            Disappearing Inc.                                            San Francisco, CA       May 00

            Developer/Programmer (contract)

    Wrote VBA functions in Microsoft Outlook for processing mail messages.


            Bank of America                                              San Francisco, CA       Jun 99—Jan 00

            Developer/Programmer (contract)

    Worked on a team developing a VB6/MS SQL Server application for the bank’s Personnel department.  The application aids the bank’s 100 compensation analysts to determine pay increases and incentives for the bank’s 150,000+ employees.  Implemented user-level security for the application and coded screens including complex data viewing, search, and navigation facilities.  Created and modified stored procedures and Crystal Reports and assisted in tuning application performance in both SQL and VB.


            Charles Schwab                                              San Francisco, CA       Dec 98—Aug 99

            Developer/Programmer (contract)

    Performed alterations and enhancements on an existing Visual Basic application for viewing and copying financial data stored on CD-ROMs. 


Bay Logics/Peninsula Advisors, Inc.                San Francisco, CA       Jun 95—May 99


    Designed and coded Visual Basic applications for a corporate Real Estate information system now in use at several Fortune 500 companies.  Created subsystems for use with the base application, including a project tracking module, a budgeting module, and a vendor database. Employed SQL and calls to the Windows and ODBC APIs within the applications.  The system employs over 100 database tables and is able to connect to databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Sybase.  It uses the Crystal Reports engine and boasts extensive user security. 

    Maintained and augmented the company’s earlier Microsoft Access product.  Assembled reports in the Access reporting tool and created facilities for data import/export. 


            Deloitte & Touche LLP (DRT Systems) New York, NY               May 94—Jun 95


    For a large financial brokerage firm, led development on a Visual Basic application for account executives to illustrate financial scenarios to prospective clients.  The system employed a Microsoft Access database, output data to Crystal Reports, and drew line and bar charts using GDI calls. 

    For Deloitte & Touche and DRT, created Lotus Notes databases for storing consultants’ resumés, client information, and project proposal documents.  Prototyped a Lotus Notes application to store and index legal documents.  Assisted in administering a Notes installation employing a Lotus Notes Server for Netware. 

    For the IT department of a major food corporation, developed screens, code, reports, and reporting capability in a Microsoft Access 2.0 application for budget and expense management. Worked directly with end users on the application’s design. 

    For a large government agency, created Microsoft Excel 5.0 worksheets for time-billing reporting, employing field-level OLE links to import data at runtime from ASCII text files.   


            Electronic Data Management, Inc.                    Fremont, CA                 Sep 93—Apr 94


    Created Lotus Notes databases and Visual Basic applications for internal use.  Installed and configured operating systems and software.  Worked to develop a complete Windows contact management, product sales and lease system in Borland ObjectVision. 



            B.A., University of California, Berkeley                                     Winter 1993

    Completed coursework in computer programming concepts and practice, structured and functional programming, data structures and their implementation in C, computer architecture, object-oriented programming, data modeling, SQL, triggers and stored procedures, and relational database internals.  Earned both the National Merit Scholarship and UC Regents Scholarship awards. 


OTHER INTERESTS                                                                                         Ongoing

Is a semi-professional violinist trained by Serban Rusu.  Performs/records with a number of rock and classical music projects.  Featured on songwriter Noe Venable’s CD “No Curses Here” produced by Lee Townsend and released internationally by Intuition Records. 

Studies ba-gua and tai-chi with martial artist Jane Yao. 


References available upon request.