Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Bloodbath Formula

I've mentioned this before:  a specific combination of planetary aspects tends to coincide with incidents of mass-murder.  This combination also seems to be ubiquitous in the natal charts of serial murderers

For review, here is the pattern (the first five factors must be present):

1.  Pallas compromised.  Pallas and/or her ruler(s) in any aspect with Pluto, discordant aspect with Jupiter, or aspect with the South Node stronger than with the North Node.  The Pluto combination is common.  This removes the Palladian objection to initiating aggression. 

2.  Venus liquefied.  Venus and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Neptune and/or the South Node.  The Second House and it's ruler with Neptune or the South Node (sometimes the North Node) can work for this, especially on the natal chart of a person.  This softens the concept of property rights, including the right for other persons to control their own bodies. 

3.  Pluto/Venus.  Venus and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto.  This may symbolize the destruction of property, including human bodies.

4.  Pluto/Moon.   Moon and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto (the Fourth House also counts).  

5.  Pluto/Sun.  Sun and/or his ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto.  This may indicate that the person or moment indicated by the chart may actually identify with the destructive principle.

6. (optional).  Angular/prominent Mercury.  This one tends to appear in the charts of mass-murder events rather than in charts of persons.  I currently have no theory on this one. 

2019 note: it is possible that Ceres functions much as Pluto does for the purpose of the formula.

When all five factors are present, we have an increased likelihood of mass murder.  This pattern appears in the natal charts of serial-murderers and in moments when mass murders occur.  After somewhere around a hundred case studies, I find that exceptions are unusual.  Mass-murderer Barack Obama has the pattern, as does power-behind the throne Dick Cheney and failed revolutionary Bob Avakian.  If we omit the Pluto aspects from the pattern, we get a pattern that usually indicates left-wing authoritarians (or right-wingers with left-wing economic views, also known as "fascists").  If we remove the requirement for Pluto/Sun with, we get a pattern that matches quite a few first wave feminists

Please note that the vast majority of persons with the pattern on their natal charts do not commit murder.  I assume that most are perfectly decent individuals.  While the formula consistently appears in the charts of mass-murderers, its appearance is not sufficient to judge the character of a person.

Sadly, the news today brings us yet another example of the pattern.  Yesterday, seven died in a mass-shooting in Miami, and probably a hundred died in rioting in Egypt. (Note: the AstroCartoGraphy map for the most recent solar ingress into Cancer has a Uranus-MC line running through Egypt.)

This chart of the beginning of the Miami incident may correspond with both incidents.

1.  Pallas opposite Pluto. This one is just getting started:  probably more violence coming.
2.  Neptune opposite Venus.
3.  Pluto trine Venus.
4.  Pluto opposite Mars and Jupiter, both possible rulers of Moon
5.  Pluto contraparallel Sun.
6.  Mercury on the Descendant.

The Mars-Pluto opposition on the angles of the Miami chart is very interesting, but we don't know if it applies to Egypt. 

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