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George Lucas

George Lucas, creator of the "Star Wars" universe, has clearly harbored an obsession with good and evil.  In particular, he was concerned with the process by which "good" individuals and entire societies turn "to the dark side".  His overall "Star Wars" narrative was in fact a story of the corruption of one individual (Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader) and one society (The Galactic Republic / Empire).  A study of Lucas' astrological chart with a focus on Pallas shows both a deep inborn concern with ethics ("good and evil") and with the dangers of ethical corruption.

ApollonianSun at the midpoint of Pallas and Mercury.
DionysianPallas sextile Pluto and trine South Node; Pluto conjunct North Node and square Mercury, ruler of Pallas.
This is a "reverse whistleblower" configuration, which suggests strong ethical/libertarian tendencies to start with but which over time (thanks to the Nodes) slowly erode.  The "karma" of this chart is to become increasingly with age more and more subject to the Dionysian "dark side".  Lucas's career reflects this tendency very clearly:  with time his films gradually go "darker" and eventually he sells the entire franchise to parties who don't seem particularly concerned with the workings of good and evil at all. 

New Star Wars helmsman JJ Abrams is clearly a more consistently skillful entertainer than the world-building Lucas, but he does not share Lucas' deep concern with what makes us "good" or drives us to "the dark side".  Abrams' heroes and villains (looking at his pre-"Star Wars" work) actually switch sides seemingly at random and without much provocation.  With Lucas no longer in control, his "Star Wars" universe may yield superior entertainments but run the risk of losing their ethical core.  We already see this in "The Force Awakens" in which the new evil empire appears essentially from nowhere and blithely eradicates the new Republic without a second thought.  This shows us that the new owners of "Star Wars" don't understand Lucas's message (which reflects real-world politics through history) that the Empire IS the Republic.

"Star Wars" itself may have just given in to the dark side. 

Serhat KarakusJanuary 1, 2016 at 8:29 AM i tried to watch these films, star wars series but the films i think very bad, have no value for art and cinematography, i cant understand why so many people love it so much. Any way, i want to ask you that, Apollonian perfectly dominance in a chart for example does not mean awareness for good and bad as much as understood. I know many mass murderers have this but maybe it is better to have mixed one, lesser Dionysian at least, what do you think? Even i don't prefer wider orb like you do, and my astrology teacher, follower of robert hand, uses whole sign house system for natal chart readings. I am student of political science and philosophy, i am very interested with your blog, in my chart pallas makes many aspects with max 3degree orb also, conjunction sun, trine pluto and north node, semisextile mercury, sextile uranus in 11th houses Pisces with pladicus. Pls keep to write, thank you. ReplyDelete Replies astrolibertarianJanuary 1, 2016 at 10:57 AM Personally, I find Lucas' imagination fascinating, so I can overlook his flaws. In my research, persons who willingly harm others NEVER have perfectly "Apollonian" charts. But Dionysian people are more exciting, sexy, and spontaneous. I am not strongly attached to a house system, and am sometimes tempted to use the Whole Sign system. I use wide orbs for Pallas because that's where the research took me. In the case of your own chart, the closeness of the individual aspects will determine whether the Nodes push you in the "Apollonian" or "Dionysian" direction over time. Also I can't say enough that having a Dionysian chart only reflects a potential for "evil", one which is usually not strongly expressed in real life. Delete Reply Serhat KarakusJanuary 2, 2016 at 4:26 AM firstly, i have respect Lucas for his knowledge of mythology and effort to touch values. anyway i think one of the major aim is prediction in astrology but there are many combinations of replacement of Pallas, nevertless few people have chance to abuse power and it is too hard to know who will be in power, Apollonian or Dionysian properties of a person effect us collectively, and here maybe we are at the astrology's difficulty, we can see concepts but it is too hard to predict what exactly happens specially in natal astrology. of course it is not a bad think since it may be seen as evidence for we can understand everyting fully even there is determinism exist(maybe not) and we cant know everything with astrology. with efectiveness of astroid Pallas that whole thought have philosophic consequences. i have just realized you take into action Jupiter's aspect too and it is in hard aspect with Pallas. to be honest, not only by the closeness of aspects but also dominance of Pluto(aspects to sun, moon, ascruler-mercury, mc-ic, venus) and its conjunction with NN(effect to direction over time) i have dominance of Dionysian side and bloodhbath formula. Dont missunderstood me, i am a new in astrology so i am not very good at interpreating natal chart exept my own and just trying to practise. here is my chart: http://postimg.org/image/d1fcumbij/ i always disliked communist viewpoint and tried to find new perpectives may have potential to political act (or non-act) from Baudrillard to Lacan and so on but after i read your writings, i brought a few Libertarian books like Noznick's and even i am not a follower, i am intrested in libertarian and anarco-capitalist critics. i have no time to write more thank you for your reply. Here is my teacher's website if t you want to take a look: http://www.hakankirkoglu.com/Index.asp?dil=2 ReplyDelete Replies astrolibertarianJanuary 2, 2016 at 8:51 AM Actually, I think your chart can go either way: in terms of orb the closest aspect to your North Node is the Sun. The Nodes are very powerful and not completely predictable, and can sometimes overcome everything else. Charts that can go either way usually go Apollonian. The best libertarian resources in my opinion are LewRockwell.com and Mises.org . Good luck!

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