Sunday, May 1, 2016


The late pop music star Prince was reportedly a fan of Alex Jones' Infowars program.  This suggests that the legendary musician had libertarian leanings and gives us an excuse to examine his rather complex horoscope.  The charts of musicians tend to have common features: we'll look at those as well as his possible ideological leanings and other interesting aspects.

Pallas trine North Node:  this is a "whistleblower" aspect, suggesting the strong possibility of becoming more consistently ethical (and therefore more libertarian) over time.  Hence, Infowars.

Venus conjunct South Node and opposite Neptune:  this is an extremely strong expression of what I call the "Venus-Neptune Complex" which generally indicates Left-wing thinking about economic matters.  In Prince's life, it appears most strongly as his crusade against what he perceived as the theft (Neptune) of his property (Venus) by the recording industry.  Venus/Neptune is widely seen as a creativity indicator.  Especially because this opposition falls across the Six/Twelfth house axis, it probably also accounts for his extreme drug abuse.

Moon ruled by and trine Neptune:  this tends to drive natives to the "liberal" side of the cultural spectrum.  This aspect also expresses itself in Prince's "fantasy home", the gigantic Paisley Park compound.  Some form of Moon-Neptune connection very often appears in musicians' charts.

Venus novile Mars and sesquiquadrate Saturn:  the Venus-Mars-Saturn triad, in my research, always appears in some form in the charts of musical instrumentalists.  Aesthetics plus action plus form.

Neptune, Jupiter, and North Node in the Twelfth:  suggesting a deeply spiritual side.  The opposition to these from his Venus in the Sixth House may reflect his reportedly great generosity towards charities.

Sesqui-yod or "Thor's Hammer" between Venus in the Sixth in Taurus, Uranus in the Ninth in Leo, against Saturn in the Second in Sagittarius.  This may reflect his long-going feud with the music industry over payment for the publishing of his creative works.

T-square with Mercury bisecting a Moon-Pluto opposition:  reflecting his singing voice which was at turns tender, playful, or ferocious. The opposition itself helps describe an extremely unstable family life in his youth and his very controlling attitude towards relationships in adulthood.

Moon in Pisces at the IC, parallel Jupiter and Chiron:  a deep, rich, complex, and problematic private life.

Anoretic Pluto in Leo conjunct Midheaven:  the (musical) personification of sex.

Yod with anoretic Pluto in Leo at Midheaven and Neptune with the North Node in the Twelfth, both against Mars in Aries in the Fifth:  aggressive self expression, infused by impulses driven by both sexual energy and spirituality.

Moon at IC trine Pallas in Cancer:  a fighter, and an extremely physical performer.

May his next life be every bit as creative, but without so much of the strife.  

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